Archbishop Warren Watters founded the Free Church of Antioch in Santa Barbara, California in 1991. Archbishop Warren, for many years, was a Bishop in the Church of Antioch, Founded by Bishop Spruit. 

Matters in the Church of Antioch changed and Archbishop Warren began the Free Church of Antioch as an extension of The Center for Esoteric Studies -- which he incorporated in California in the early seventies.

Archbishop Warren passed on at 102 years of age in Santa Barbara and the Church passed to his wife, Archbishop Ellen Watters.  She was the Matriarch of the Church until her death in 2002. 

Bishop Michelina T. Foster was given charge over the church by the Board of Directors of the Center for Esoteric Studies and the Free Church of Antioch. She remains Matriarch and Archbishop of the Free Church of Antioch.

Archbishop Michelina publishes a monthly newsletter, as she has done since 1992. It is mailed to all the Bishops, Priests, Clergy and Friends of the Free Church of Antioch. 

Archbishop Michelina maintains the Desert Light Chapel of Antioch in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She is a student of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and Esoteric Christianity. 

The Free Church of Antioch carries a Lineage, a Line of Succession, via the Malabar Rite which is traceable to St. Thomas.  More of the history of this Lineage can be obtained by contacting the Free Church of Antioch.

September 2008


Dear Epervescent Disciple,

“I am the bubble, make me the sea….”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Life presents us with so many opportunities that it is a wonder how so many can feel ‘bored’. Just to be awake and aware of the daily ‘grind’ is a gift we rarely measure.

It rains so seldom here in Las Vegas that it is a treat when, for a few moments, the sky opens up and it pours. Last week we were fortunate enough to have a 10 minute rain storm (then the sun came back out again). Looking out over the parking lot of our building I watched as the descending torrent created a small river down the gully of the street in the center under the carports. From the oil and debris, fairly large bubbles were formed which immediately began their ever so brief journey in the created channel. Happily jaunting along, in rows and rows toward the street, they sped. It brought to mind the song of the Indian guru, Paramahansa, “I am the bubble, make me the sea…”

Each bubble was always there, but it took the rain and the cycle of water from the clouds to the earth and eventually back to the clouds to create the climate which gave each of them, for a instant, individual life and movement. Are we so different?

Today we stand individually in bodies, following the guidance, the moving Hand of God - if you will, towards our futures: created in an instant and dissolving in another instant of eternity -- but the important thing is the journey and what will be learned, experienced and passed on. We have ever been and always will be -- not just the face one sees in the mirror in the morning or the body one nourishes and cleans and dresses -- but the Essence of the Eternal, “I AM” in this ‘tidbit of flesh’ we are privileged to call ‘myself’ today.

Looking in the mirror we may see many things: a simple and humble human, a happy individual, a suffering member of humanity, a starving foreigner, a new born babe, a great world teacher/musician/athlete/ protégée/scientist/ or author. These are all the colors and facets which our ‘bubble of individuality’ can reflect.

But beneath the bubble is the Essence of God, the Infinite Substance of the Eternal One. We are ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ goes the saying, however it is most important what we do in the meantime which is the crux of the issue of our lives.

There was a story on the Internet regarding the birth date and the death date of an individual and the story stressed that the most important part of these two dates was the -- (dash) between the birth and death. This was the encapsulation of the entire life’s work of the individual. So it is with us all.

What was -- was; and what will be -- will be -- no matter how vast we access our mind power. What is today and what we are doing minute by minute is all that presently exists for each of us. This minute I am communicating with you… in the next I’ll have breakfast. What are you doing? What will you do with your energy, your life force, today? What will you learn? What will you express? What will you teach? What will you leave when you depart?

Very wealthy personalities have ‘left’ great monuments and building; fine structures of architecture; bridges; designs in earth’s mediums; paintings; music; poems; words; thoughts. When we perceive our world we can see all these things. Isn’t it interesting that the essence of great words, teachings, and thoughts are the only ones which keep re-creating themselves in the human heart? Great building and structures crumble but a thought such as, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” has the potential to move entire civilizations and feed souls of the future?

The bubble once formed -- moves on. The shell of the bubble becomes the ground once again and the water evaporates back into the sky and sea. The air is recaptured by the atmosphere and recycled to another portion of the globe and the sparkling light off of its luminous surface remains in my memory -- until I join it.

And yet now -- you have also seen it within the essence of your mind: a simple bubble whisking its way down a channel of rainwater in an obscure parking lot of a distant state. It’s made its way to Nirvana -- to the sea of human memory.

Blessings of bubbles and sparking memories,

    Bishop Michelina

August 2008

Dear Rejoicing Disciple,

“Today is the day which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it…”

Life moves on. No two days are ever exactly the same, nor are any experiences of life. The clouds in the sky are ever changing and never repeat their precise cloud formation; the breezes and motion of the winds; the rhythm of the rains; the petals of the flowers; and the sounds and silence of the nights. Each has its own rhythm and yet nothing in the universe repeats itself exactly. The tides of the sea flow in a rhythm which we perceive as constant just as our hearts beat and our lungs breathe. However, each inhalation and exhalation, each ebb and flow, carries a different quality of Life; a few different grains of sand and number of seashells; or amount of oxygen and Life Force.

People are the only creatures who invented the Xerox machine to copy things. The Life Force of Creation copies nothing; all is ever made anew if we are but alert to the miniscule changes and the informing natures of creation.

Archeology allows us to gaze back over the past. We can imagine the thousands and millions of separate and individual lives which have been lived since our planet’s inception. A remarkable concept to consider is that of ‘livingness’ … a quality experienced by each being. Each individual had their occupation - something which they did which made them feel like they were contributing to society or their own well being -- their work, their favorite games and pastimes, their eating likes and dislikes, smells, garments, religious rites or superstitions, pets or beloved animal, and their family or tribe - or most importantly to them - someone special with whom they shared their lives. From the earliest Neanderthal to Einstein, to the teenager at the mall - this repetition holds true.

Humanity has really not changed as greatly as the media would have us believe. There are basics to our nature and when these are over-ridden by self-serving technology -- we call it progress. It is not. Humanity progresses only when we ALL PROGRESS. When humanity can deepen and broaden its understanding of itself, the drives and passions, the ego and the higher Spiritual Nature, then we will progress as a species. Some days it seems that we are afraid of just being ‘our self’ and living in ‘our world’. We were each created for greatness and beauty -- and in this transitory existence -- to attain this directive is to live each moment aware and acting fully our self. This is an ancient directive from the Great Ones. It is not an ‘earth shattering ultimatum’ but a gentle invitation to live this life fully alive and enjoy the ability to live it. This is true greatness and true power. Each one living for the betterment of itself, each other, and all.

Strength and health come and go, age replaces youth, wisdom replaces the mad outward rush of exuberance and gusto (hopefully for most of us); and life moves on. Creation begins a project, continues it, and then tidies up the process and wipes the slate clean -- then starts again. We see this process in the buds of Spring becoming the blossoms and fruit of Summer, the harvest of food in Autumn and the resting period of Winter. An Eternal Rhythm which tells us that what is before us is the gift we have been given for this season of our life. Sometimes we do not want to accept the gift - and at other times there is a mad dash for the perceived ’goodies’. This too is Life in action.

LET US REJOICE for we have today and today alone, this minute, to make a difference in eternity; in our own spiral of spiritual awareness and Beingness; in the united history of Humanity on this planet; and in our personal life. Shall we eat cereal or make toast for breakfast may not change the universe (in most cases) but it is important to us - and we are all God incarnate. How very intricate is the Plan of God. Each of us, having passed down through the generations of our archeological ancestors to the present, is as a fine thread on the loom of the Eternal; a specific grain of sand precisely placed, on the beach of the Cosmos for a purpose we can not fathom in our most lucid dream… yet each of us is born sensing we have a purpose to fulfill - something in Life for which only we were created -- and that is the Key: We were each intentionally created for a purpose. Will we become aware of that purpose in this life - who knows? If this is beyond our comprehension, then, so be it. A Greater Power than ‘our self’ is guiding our life -- and does so very well without our input - nor is it needed!

Let us Rejoice this day! Today there is beauty for us to discover in the wisdom found in the flowers of the earth, the song of the winds, the warmth of the sun, the flight of the birds, the friendly smiles of those whom we pass on the street, the good words and thoughts from books, and the shared times we have with friends, family and those whom we love. We share our lives with people and pets. It takes work to hold the positive many times, but this is how we uplift the cosmic field of human mind. We think/link together, pray/meditate together and dream/actualize together; thusly, one by one, in group work, the whole will be energized.

          Bishop Michelina



After your meditation, say the following obligation:

"I play my part with stern resolve, with earnest aspiration; I look above; I help below: I dream not, nor I rest; I toil; I serve; I reap; I pray; I mount the cross; I tread the Way; I tread upon the work I do; I mount upon my slain self; I forego peace; I forfeit rest, and in the stress of pain, I lose myself and find my Self, and enter into peace."

For your seed thoughts for the next few months, will you use the following?

1st month - The mind reveals the Real.

2nd month - The Light is dual. It shews forth that which is not seen. It sheds its rays upon the daily way.

3rd month - All that is, shews forth some seed idea.

4th month - A thought of God, some real idea, must reveal itself within my heart.

5th month - The world must be saved by ideas.

You will note, my brother, what is my objective in this initial training to which I ask you to subject yourself. Let me make it clear to you. I seek to see you polarized more definitely upon the mental plane. I seek to see you less committed to the attitude of the devotee, and more impersonal, more free to serve for the sake of service and not to serve because of your devotion to a teacher, a cause or a belief. Is not this also in line with your deepest and highest idea?

FORMULAS: The idea of meaning, cause and being underlies the symbology or the significance of the formula with which we are concerned in this instruction. I have pointed out to you before the difficulty of putting these ancient symbols or symbolic writings into such form that they can convey meaning through language. This difficulty is well-nigh insurmountable in connection with this third formula. The reason for this is that this formula has been preserved as sounds or (if I may use so ambiguous a phrase) as trumpeted words. It has not been committed to inscription as have the two previous symbolic formulas which you have already received. All that I can do is to give you a meaning (as far as I myself can understand and you can grasp) of these great sounds or chords, massed together and interspersed with certain very ancient phrases. You know yourselves how difficult it is to express the significance of the sound 0M. This is a still more difficult task; little human thinking has been applied as yet to this Formula but much has been given to the Sacred Word. Until some thought has been applied to what I shall now attempt to give you, it is no easy matter to find the words to express the underlying idea - the idea you can contact at your present point of development.

This third formula concerns Time and the consciousness of the spiritual man who is unaware of separation, of divisions in time and space or of the spell of the Great Illusion. It deals with the fact of immortality and with the unshatterable continuity of consciousness and life. It is this formula which - at the third initiation - produces the transfiguration which comes when the Eternal Now is realized and when the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. This formula has been called by one of the Masters "the seed of all philosophies," and in that phrase you may find light on the subject ….

To the initiate who uses this formula, creating the necessary sounds and enunciating the ancient words in due place (and these I may not give you), the following six thoughts are emphasized in his consciousness; these six thoughts will give you the intent of the formula as clearly as is possible. It is not possible to convey to you the true beauty of the concepts, but if you will have in mind the thought of meaning as light on life, of cause as the breath of experience, and of Being as the initiator of all that is, then some vision may come, some dream arise in your consciousness, and some power of accomplishment pour in. The Masters use this formula when faced with death in some form or another (and these words must be used literally). I refer not to death as it may affect them, but to death as it affects God's created universe, producing release or finality, or opening the door to new life and closing the door on a cycle of manifestation, a civilization, or a race or nation.

Here, therefore, are the six conditioning thoughts which the initiate holds in his consciousness when using the formula - a formula which is older than the Stanzas of Dzyan:

God IS. The Lord for aye stands firm. Being exists alone. Naught else is.

Time IS. Being descends to manifest. Creation is. Time then and form agree. Being and time do not agree.

Unity IS. The One between comes forth and knows both time and God. But time destroys that middle One and only Being IS.

Space IS. Time and space reverberate and veil the One who stands behind. Pure Being IS - unknown and unafraid, untouched, for aye unchanged.

Being cries forth and says:...(untranslatable). Death crumbles all. Existence

n the Eternal Now is realized and when the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. This formula has been called by one of the Masters "the seed of all philosophies," and in that phrase you may find light on the subject ….


Each phrase out of the six has its own symbol at the close of each unit of thought, if I may call it that. These I may not give you or the chords upon which the phrases go forth. I have tried to indicate one of the meanings of the formula, but have not given a translation or a paraphrase. Bear this in mind and as you ponder these six sentences, try to give them an interpretation which will come to you from the world of meaning, producing a practical application, from the world of causes, producing an enlightened understanding, and (if you are far enough along) from the world of being, producing inclusiveness. These formulas have naught to do with personalities or with souls in deep incarnation, identified with form in the three worlds; they concern world movement, great and universal developments, and human progress (as a whole) towards the divine. You cannot yet think in those terms, but you can at least attempt to do so and grow thereby.

Discipleship in the New Age, II, pp. 284- 286

"When the fire is drawn from the inmost point within the heart the waters suffice not to subdue it. Like a stream of flame it issues forth, and traverses the waters, which disappear before it. Thus the goal is found."

"When the fire descends from the One Who watches above, the wind suffices not to blow it out. The very winds protect, shield and aid the work, guiding the falling fire unto the point of entrance."

"When the fire emanates from the mouth of the one who thinks and sees, then the earth sufficeth not to hide or kill the flame. It feeds the flame, causing a growth and magnitude of fire which reaches to the narrow door of entrance."

Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1016